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The bad side of performing Android rooting

The bad side of performing Android rooting


If you are a long-term Android user, probably you might have an idea of what Android rooting means to be. Though rooting offers you thousands of incredible customization potentials, it is generally considered as a hazardous operation.  Since the Android mobile users are so much fun-loving, majority of them find that rooting is the ultimate solution for bypassing the security barriers of the Android operating system. Always the number of advantages surpasses the number of disadvantages. Through this description, we are going to focus on the disadvantages and the risks of rooting in detail.

Voiding of the warranty of the mobile device

Actually; warranty voiding can be known as the main negative consequence of undergoing through rooting. Since rooting does not have any kind of deal with the hardware of the mobile, you only void the software warranty. Keep in your mind firmly that you have the chance to claim for the hardware warranty while the device is in the rooted state.

If you just check out the Android community, immediately you will see that there are a large number of rooting applications which offer the chance to unroot the rooted devices. If you can unroot any rooted handset, then of course, you can claim for the software warranty as still there is no way to track whether the mobile has been rooted or not.

Data loss

 As rooting is a risky operation, always there is a risk of losing data during the rooting operation. But, you can avoid this risk by making a full data backup of the mobile. In that way; you can easily restore the data in situation of sudden data loss.

 Bricking or damaging of the mobile

 There are a number of reasons for bricking due to rooting. Inadequacy of battery charge can definitely lead the mobile to the bricked state. Always; keep in your mind that rooting requires a huge amount of battery charge for the operation. It is super safe if you can charge the device up to the 100% level before starting the rooting operation. It is really hard to recover bricked mobiles. But; there is a relatively smaller chance on softly-bricked handsets.

By considering all the above-mentioned facts, you can get a sound idea about the negative consequences of rooting. What you have to do is just to have an adequate idea before getting into the rooting process. In addition; it is wiser to get an idea about the rooting application that you are going to use too.


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